Steigerwald Daugherty - Impossibly Rude and Unwilling Receptionist

Calexico, California 1 comment

Kaitlyn at Steigerwald-Daugherty is, unquestionably, amount the worst of receptionists I have ever encountered.Her phone skills are atrocious.

When she answers, her tone is continually and consistently annoyed. When asked questions she sputters answers without even asking who or from where you are calling, making it evident that her answer is no doubt incorrect or incomplete. Approaching her in person is much the same.

I'm not entirely sure what sort of image Steigerwald-Daugherty is attempting to present to their clients and vendors, but at present, their image due to the nature of Kaitlyn, is highly abrassive and inconsiderate.

Review about: Receptionist.



The Receptionist named above no longer works at the company spoken of. I called and verified. :)

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